Cooling Corners and Corridors

Small-scale community solution tackling urban heatwaves on public spaces

Our impact

Decreasing perceived temperature at the corners

Higher risk perception of heat waves among community planning participants

Wider social use of public spaces (e.g. elderly, pregnant woman, infants)

Contribution to Healthy Streets indicators

About the project

CoolCo’s Cooling Corners and Corridors are small modular structures made from wood, fabric and steel to contain various plants and flowers.

Refreshing “islands” of greenery

They are designed to reduce the impact of heat waves in urban areas, particularly densely populated neighbourhoods with low heat resilience. Their shape and size can be adjusted to fit strategic locations, sidewalks or walls for instance, where they provide refreshing “islands” of greenery to shelter inhabitants from the heat and improve air quality.


The first day of co-design

This Saturday, 10 June 2023, the first community planning session of the CoolCo's project took place in Szigony Street, Józsefváros. Although it was planned to be the second meeting with the locals, we had to postpone the event scheduled for 7 June due to the unstable weather.

Our target groups

Local communities who are struggling to cope with heatwaves. Particular attention to people with cardiovascular disease, the elderly, infants, children, low-income households.

elderly people

people with cardiovascular disease

infants and pregant women


low-income households

How it works

Public space intervention

In our modular construction system, the elements can be arranged in any horizontal and vertical dimension, allowing the structure to be flexibly shaped for any public space, from narrow pavements to expansive public spaces. Metal and wood structural elements, connectors and cladding can be fully prefabricated, making on-site assembly quick and easy.


Implementation is done through co-design process, where local residents and vulnerable groups not only have a passive say and role in the design of the structure, but are actively involved and educated, creating a community with the local municipality, local NGOs and interested companies.

Our supporters

EIT Community New European Bauhaus CoolCo's - Cooling Corners and Corridors is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union
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