Cooling Corners and Corridors


Cooling Corners & Corridors

Our concept targets two main challenges of cities in the 21st century: Increasing climate change impacts and social inequality. We confront the threat of more frequent and severe heat waves by combining systemic adaptation and mitigation measures at the urban scale within existing infrastructure. Meanwhile, our approach is based upon community engagement and co-design, empowering disadvantaged groups to regain the transformative potential of their neighbourhoods and contribute to a fairer city.

Quick-to-incorporate response

We provide local governments with a quick-to-implement, quick-to-incorporate response to heat waves. There are two equally important pillars to our concept: transforming public spaces and co-designing with vulnerable populations in a Living Lab format.

Our main target group is the most vulnerable social groups. Their use of public space is mostly limited, as today's developments support recreational or hospitality activities, mainly for wealthier groups. Members of our target group are highly exposed to the risks of heat and have low adaptive capacity.

elderly people

people with cardiovascular disease

infants and pregant women


low-income households

Heat waves in Europe

In Europe, severe heat waves over the last two decades have caused an estimated 25 000 to 70 000 deaths per year. In particular, deaths among the elderly increase during heatwaves, but there are also negative health effects for people with disabilities, children and infants, and social isolation leads to lower adaptability. European countries have a heat sensitivity index of between 34 and 45%.

Heat waves are not among the most feared extreme weather events (Ghira 2023). Because of the low perception of risk, residents rarely put pressure on decision-makers to make progress on adaptation (Malloy 2021).

CoolCo’s team aims

CoolCo’s team aims to offer inclusive adaptation opportunities regardless of age, gender, social status or nationality.

We open up public spaces, build community and share knowledge on adapting to heat.

To achieve the greatest impact, it requires cooperation

The implementation of the architectural and social concept (urban concept) requires low time and financial resources. However, to achieve the greatest impact, it requires the cooperation of local government, local NGOs, and local interest companies.

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