The first day of co-design

This Saturday, 10 June 2023, the first community planning session of the CoolCo's project took place in Szigony Street, Józsefváros. Although it was planned to be the second meeting with the locals, we had to postpone the event scheduled for 7 June due to the unstable weather.

Fortunately, on this Saturday we were greeted by good weather in front of the health clinics on Szigony Street, with the sun showing its strength in places. So the weather also helped local residents and planners to think together about a cooling point for the beginning of July. 

The CoolCo's concept is based on using modular elements to create street furniture that makes everyday life easier for local residents during the heatwave. We envisioned seating, shade, plants and water features, but we are also working to incorporate any new features that may emerge through community design. 

Based on the experience of the inspiring day, local residents stressed the need for more green space, drinking water, and traffic calming. These will be incorporated into the final design as far as we can. 

Köszönet jár a Járókelő Közhasznú Egyesületnek (, hogy az Egészséges Utcák (  koncepciót sikerült megismertetni az érdeklődőkkel.

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